We placed all of Gabby’s pups in wonderful guardian situations!

Hi it’s Ed and Marta, the photo is the pups taking a small break inside.  It is hard to get them still enough to take a photo!They are just fantastic!  They are very smart and adaptable.  They are getting lots of socializing around the orchard and seem comfortable with everything.  They are very wise little guys much past their age.  My husband had me rename AK and Uzi to Hekyl and Jekyl which actually fits them quite fine.  They are really growing and almost as tall as my lab, Ruby.  Miko – the Maremma took a while to warm up to them. He seemed to want to make sure they knew he was the boss.  He was just standoffish and they recognized very easily not to bug him. Now it is all loosening up.  They stay outside in a nice pen where Miko watches the orchard and guards on a hill.  So they have heard him work every night.  After a barking and running episode he goes back and settles down in front of them.  When they get older they can work with him at night.My other dogs are fine with them.  The pups don’t chase the guineas – Hekyl (that is the fluffier one) was a bit interested but it didn’t last.  We think pups learn from the other dogs that guineas albeit very attractive are to just be ignored.Anyway, you should be pleased about this litter.  I have raised lots of pups and these two are very impressive.  They are very friendly and sweet but will bark at strange things.  They read the other dogs very well, don’t seem to be bothered by anything, strange surfaces – indoors or outdoors, they make very good decisions.  I don’t know if you have ever been around not so smart pups and dogs who are constantly getting themselves in harms way.  Not these guys.

Oh, they are hunting mice in the field and actually catching them. I know some herders don’t feed their guard dogs much and they have to rely on catching varmints, etc.  It is in their genetics.

Just wanted to let you know they are doing GREAT!

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