Gabby’s pups were all placed in wonderful working situations! The pups are now with their new owners! The pups’ new homes range from North Carolina to Colorado.


Jr. Guardians in training!

Jr. Guardians in training

We often receive letters from the new owners and we received this note recently:

Nico has really opened up and let his personality shine in the past few weeks. We are in the process of finishing our barn and he has dealt well with the construction. He is very alert and attentive to everything that is going on around him. He is a very smart, independent thinker and a quick learner. I can tell he was bred to be a guardian because he is weary around strangers coming to the barn until he sees that they are OK with me. He is protective of his environment when he sees a stray dog nearby or hears squirrels rustling in the woods beside his area. 

It’s so heart warming to know the pups are in such good homes!






The Jr. Guardians meet the alpacas.

The Jr. Guardians meet the alpacas.

Maremma "Duke" meets alpaca Annie.

Maremma “Duke” meets alpaca Annie.


She had four males and two females.  We have two males left for purchase.

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