Join us at AWH November 15, 2014: Learn to Hand Dye, make a Alpaca Poncho Caplet, an Alpaca Headband or an Alpaca Roving Rug!!!

SONY DSCMaking this caplet is an easy and fun project and you will end up with a new alpaca garment for yourself or a beautiful gift for a friend.  The next class is scheduled for November 15.   (Make a child size caplet for $24 or an adult size for $52).  The class is free, you simply buy the yarn!

Nov. 15th, AWH will feature Deb Waggoner and she will teach HAND PAINTING with acid dyes.  The charge of the class is $50 and you will leave with new knowledge of hand painting, and a skein of your own creation and hand outs.   E-mail Marta ( to schedule your class that day.  Do it soon as the classes are filling up.  

Also taught that day:
Make an alpaca headband!  The class is free, you simply buy the yarn!   Bring your hook (e or f)!  

Make an Alpaca roving rug!  These rugs are unbelievably soft and
scrumptiously delicious for your bare feet!! A great Christmas gift for your honey!  Again the class is free just buy the materials!  $39.00!

We are serving lunch, $8. 00.  If you take the dye class and another class, the lunch is free! 

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