Maremma Guardian Dogs

There’s a great new article on Maremmas in the NYTimes.

One of our top guardians, Carlie, as she enjoys her young charge.

Allie, our current breeder,  presented us with a litter Christmas Eve!  She had been bred by our sire breeder, Prince, earlier.  The two have beautiful confirmation, temperament, and good guardian instincts!  What more can you want! The pups should be of top quality!

Our philosophy:
We at AWH are dedicated to preserving the inherent guarding nature of the Maremma Sheepdog. The Maremma Sheepdog originated in the Abruzzi mountains of Italy over 2000 years ago.  The Maremmas were introduced to the USA in the 1970’s.  AWH has chosen some of the best of the generic lines that are available in order to insure Maremmas of excellent qualities in our guardians and to provide our customers the same.   Our breeding stock is OFA certified and are evaluated for potential health problems before being accepted into our breeding program.  Our females are not allowed to produce more than one litter per year, nor are they permitted to whelp before the age of two.

Our puppies are given their first shots, dewormed, and the pups ae microchipped before they go to their new owners.  The pups and the prospective owners are considered carefully for a good fit.  These are working dogs so only working homes, ranches/farms, will be considered.  Our pups will be introduced to our alpacas during their first 8 weeks.  The Maremma pups wll bond to any lifestock such as sheep, goats, alpacas, etc. but it is essential to introduce them to their charges  when they are young and impressionable in order to develop the full potential of the lifestock guardian.  You are welcome to pick your pup personally or we can ship the pup to you.  Please note that the buyer is responsible for all shipping fees, including cost of kennel.  Pups are reserved quickly so please contact us early.

More information about these awesome dogs:

The Maremma is a friendly and well-balanced flock guardian. For several decades, it has also achieved success as a companion dog.  Sober and dignified, this loyal, brave, and determined dog makes an excellent guard dog without being a constant barker. It is correctly described as affectionate but not dependent.

Working lines who are put out to work will not easily follow your every command submissively.  They are bred and trained to be independent. You must display calm, but firm, confident and consistent leadership towards the dog to assure obedience. They are very intelligent and their training requires mutual respect in handling and voice–and above all, consistency. They get along with other dogs and pets and can be slightly reserved with strangers but not strongly so.  People who are not welcome on your property will be stopped in their tracks.

The Maremma is not as large as many of its fellow flock guards, but he still possesses the comparable endurance and strength to make up for the extra 50 pounds it lacks. It is alert and independent. A flock guard of impressive dominance and lifelong dedication, the breed takes control over its flock.

When humans are part of the dog’s pack, the humans must be the pack leader over the dog. Allowing any dog of any size to be a human’s pack leader is dangerous, as dogs instinctively communicate their displeasure with a growl and/or a bite. Humans who keep flock guard type dogs as companions must understand how to calmly but firmly display their authority over the dog. Passive owners will not have a successful human/dog relationship. This is not a breed for beginners.

As a pet, Maremmas are not very attached or overly outgoing. Nevertheless, this rugged wolf-slayer breed has adapted into a marvelous companion, without losing its extraordinary working abilities. It will defend both house and master, and it is particularly attentive with children.

The Maremma is a wonderful sheepdog and loves its work. It is a terrible enemy of the wolf, but tame with man. It is held in high esteem by shepherds especially in the mountains, where it thrives in the snow, resistant to both cold and brambles.

Living Conditions: The Maremma Sheepdog is not recommended for apartment life. Accustomed for centuries to wide-open spaces, it needs at least a large yard. If they get plenty of exercise, they will be calm indoors. The all-weather coat allows it to sleep outdoors in cold. Maremma is not suited to very hot weather. It should never be shorn, but should always have plenty of shade ad a bowl of water on hot days.

Exercise: This breed needs space–mentally as well as physically. If they are not working as an active flock guardian, they need daily, brisk walks. A short walk around the block three times is not enough for this dog. Long and alternating walks are necessary. It must have frequent opportunities to run free. When it gets enough exercise, freedom, and space, it will be quiet in the house.

Life Expectancy: About 11 – 13 years.

Height: 23.5 – 28.5 inches (60-73cm)

Weight: 66-100 pounds (30-45kg)

Grooming: Its all-weather coat requires regular, thorough combing and brushing to remove dead and loose hair. Take extra care when the dog is shedding.