AWH newest sire, Prince!


“Prince,” AKA Perseus of Anderson’s Acres,  joined our operation June, 2017.  Prince is a beautiful Maremma who is quick to alert us of any threats.  He is young and will mature nicly.  Prince’s  DOB is Nov 13, 2015. His sire is Leonardo PSM4230G and his dam is Mona Lisa ZZF5211G.  He is an excellent guardian of our alpacas.  He was evaluated by Penn Hip May 17, 2017. The results indicated that Prince has minimal risk for hip OA. As a result, he joined our breeding program. Prince Allie and she had her litter Christmas Eve in the early morning and day!  The temperature bitter and while we had some losses we now have five healthy pups!

Theses photos of Allie and her litter were taken January 9.