Animals and breeding services

Getting started… know your breeder! An important part of getting to know the seller and the animals begins with a farm visit. Please call for an appointment to tour the farm and discuss the wide range of issues you may have concerning animal husbandry and selecting quality animals. If this is your first time, you may want to walk an alpaca.

Selecting breeding animals… know your breeder! Alpaca quality is determined by scores on confirmation (note: let’s define this–in fact, a section of conformation, fiber quality, etc. might be useful) and fiber on a 50-50 basis. Alpacas run the full gamut of quality, so please purchase animals you know, or buy from a breeder you trust, so you’ll have peace of mind. Animals may be evaluated by how they look (phenotype) or on genetic background (genotype). It’s also important to understand that some characterists, such as fiber coverage, are easier to correct than others, such as fiber fineness.

Assistance to New Breeders. We’re always here to help. A sale of an animals is only the beginning of a long-term relationship where the buyer is comfortable to seek support on even the smallest details. At Alpacas of Wildcat Hollow, the seller is always there to help. The new breeder never has to feel alone when they purchase our animals.

Breeding All bred females sold on the farm are entitled to one free breeding. AWH believes that you should only breed to the best male available. We sell breeding to our herd sires (see our herd sire list), and we offer multiple breeding discounts.

Animal Health AWH works closely with Dr. Jennifer Howe and the Kansas University Veterinarian Program. Our herd is BVD negative. All boarders are kept in a separate quarantine area to reduce the possibility of spreading disease. Since hygiene is the single-most important thing in preventing disease, we ensure clean facilities and keep animals in small groups.

Sales Incentives and Financing New breeders are entitled to a one-time 15% discount on the purchase of two or more breeding animals in addition to the free board. 6 months same as cash, with 25% down. With as little as 30% down, new breeders may purchase animals with contracts up to 2 years. Interest is currently set at 7%. Transportation is free within 400 miles for all multiple purchases. Ask for more details.